html code to change font color of links





I tried using the code below, but it affected all the links on the page. Ive tried different arrangements and cant seem to figure out the correct way.Change an HTML5 inputs placeholder color with CSS. 1443. How can I transition height: 0 to height: auto using CSS? css font color. Youve seen it on many sites! In this tutorial, you will learn how to change the color of text, links and visited links on a web page using HTML or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).1. A command to change the text. 2. A color (hex) code. To turn off the color change, use a tag. Choose your colors carefully so that your text will be easily visible. For example, if youre using a dark background color, you should use light colors for text and links to ensure legibility. Changing link background color is done with css stylingCSS code: