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Superb War Base For TH9.5 Anti 3 Star Defense Against TH11 And TH10 Proof Replay Here So Subscribe And More Bases And StrategyClash With Vir 1 год. Clash Of Clans TH9.5 (TOWN HALL 9.5) WAR TROP Clash of Clans amazing war TH 10 base defense. Win your clan wars with good bases. 2 defenses 0 Stars!! CASH FOR APPS (FREE GEMS): Most Heroic Balloon Ever: Playing Minecraft with my Brother: Follow me on Twitter: This content is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored BEsT Town hall 8 (Th8) War BaSe Anti Everything 2016! Defense REPLAYS - Clash of Clans. Town hall 9-11 war strategy: the queen - clash of clans, Updated 10/1/2016 to include clash tutors video a strategy that has really become popular with serious war clans is the queen walk. its a strategy where. Clash of clans builder - base design strategies and base, The best of the best! these clash Смотреть Clash Of Clans | New Top 3 TH9 War Base [2016 - 2017] | COC Best TH9 Defense Base Ever!! Ютуб видео, музыка, фильмы, обзоры, игровое и познавательное видео, и ещё многое другое,у нас найдёшь всё - мы ждём тебя! TH9 War Bases: Secret to Build Do you want to build your own TH9 War Base which is unique and also very powerful? Remember, I havent maxed my TH9 base yet but still Im able to bear when TH10 attacks.Best Clash of Clans BH 4 Base Designs | Latest Builder Hall 4 Defense 2018. Download Clash Of Clans INCREDIBLE TH9 WAR BASE AIR SWEEPER UPDATE 2015 Town Hall 9 Base Build Fo PC Wii U PS4 PS3 Xbox One Xbox 360 With Full List Command And Cheat Files if Needed AND[Download] Clash Of Clans Town Hall 9 TH9 War Base Defense Anti Everything. Some top war clans even put the TH way outside because in a 3-star situation, the TH is justAlthough the ADs in this base do cover a lot of the outside defenses, there are no walls separatingin War Guide Clash of Clans GoWiPe Strategy Guide Clash of Clans New Players Guide Clash of Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 Best War Base. Coc Th9 Base Defense 2017. Clash Of Clans War Base Wellcome to I Clash Of Clans War Base channel, the best channel for base designing!! If you like my channel Source Abuse Report.

Th9 Clan War/trophy Base.Clash of Clans Base Defense. Source Abuse Report. BEST TH9 FARMING BASE TROPHY BASE DARK SAVING BASE 2018 | Best Th9 Base Clash of clans coc. Clash 6 days ago. Town hall 9 war base with 2 defense replay. Clash of Clans NEW TH6 Defense Base Speed Build.Hey, its Rolex :p. Goldminer 371 January 22, 2016 12:59 pm. Hey bro its me again u think u can make a good th8 war base plz. Clash Of Clans- TH 7 Trophy Base Best Town Hall 7 Defense With New Dark Elixir Drill- 2015. By: ClashofClans.ClashofClans.

Jan. 09, 2016. Clash Of Clans TH9 War Base! Th9 war base bomb tower Th9 war base New defense Clash of clans Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 war base : I am going to make the town hall 9 war base, which Clash of Clans best trophy plans (Town Hall defence) ТH 9 (Town Hall level 9).After this update, the main task of the players is at any cost to defend the Town Hall! Please choose Base layout for Defense! Clash of Clans Base Designs Clash of Clans Base Layouts CoC Base Setup. 6 151 подписчик - 142 записи - Для всех. Подписаться. UPDATED TH6 Base Defense Town Hall 6 Two Air Defense Base Clash of Clans TH6 War Trophy Hybrid. War Bases Town Hall 11 (TH11). This first base hold damage on all kind of attacks that use Healers (and theres none working that doesnt) high and the Air Defenses are in very uncomfortable spots for the attacker so theres a high chance that the QueenThats Coming 2018 in Clash of Clans. finally compilation of the best th9 war bases is here,good job man but if i start getting 3 starred,i know who to point the finger atI did minor change the outer walls and core defenses and the heroes. Other than that, its almost perfect.Supercell Games. Clash of Clans. Announcements. Forum Rules. Clash of clans | th9 (town hall 9) best war base 2017 [JOIN MY CLAN (TAG) - RP89QC9R] This town hall 9 best war base done after clash of clans new updateNew Clash of Clans TH 9 Best War Base 2016 December [Anti 3 star]. Поиск видео на - video Anti Hog Anti Air! Defense Replay Proof 2016!Th9 War Base [ Anti Everything ] Replays - Clash Of Clans. 4 Rezerve za TOP 16 MNE CLAN WAR | Clash Royale.Clash of Clans is an addictive multi-player game which consists of fast paced action combat. Build and lead your personalised armies through enemy bases taking gold, elixir and trophys to master the game and become a legend. This TH9 war base is everything youll need to secure a 3 star base and is one of the best TH9 war base 2017. The clan troops will be hard to lure out as the clan castle is centralized and there are so many1.New BEST Town Hall 9 (TH9) TROPHY Base Design!! [TH9 Defense] Clash of Clans. "TOWNHALL 9 WAR BASE" 2016 TH9 War Anti-Valkyrie, Anti-Hog, Anti-3 Star With Replays Clash Top 3 TH7 trophy bases!!Coc Th9 TOP 2 Farmig Base (Dark Elixir Gold Base) Town Hall 9 Clash of clans. Captain Clash the Clash of Clans Base Builder for all Town Hall Levels. Clash of Clans TH9 War Base 2017 [TH9 Base 2017]. This Town Hall 9 Base with Bomb Tower is done after Clash of Clans New.Clash of clans - Best town hall 9(th9) WAR BASE DEFENSE! lol this is the same exact war base that I just attacked in my clan war I use GoWiVa and attack it from the lower side and its a total annihilation.Legendary TH9 anti 2 star trophy base design!! Town Hall 9 Defense [2016] Clash of Clans. It can be used for war, trophies or hybrid/farming. Its been proven to work through testing in replays, for war and trophy pushing. One of the best defence layouts/setups for this TH.

New "STRONGEST" Town Hall 9 Defense Layout (CoC Th9) Trophy Base 2017 | Clash of Clans. Clash Of Clans - BEST TH8 WAR BASE WITH BOMB TOWER 2017!!! | CoC NEW Town Hall 8 Defense Strategy Best Defense Strategy for Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 - The Join our cocbases facebook group here. cool bh5 village designs.for more information about the clash of clan visit here. best bh7 base coc th9 war base town hall 9 trophy base.4.1.1 conclusion: 5 coc best th9 defence base 2018 anti everything. 6 clash of clans town hall 9 defense base. Clash Of Clans | CoC TH9 WAR Base Best Town Hall 9 WAR Base Defense With New Air Sweeper Dark Spell Factory 2015 ANTI 3 STAR ANTI AIR ANTI HOG ANTI GOWIPE Clash of Clans WAR Base Defense Clash Of Clans New Update TH9 War Base 2016 CoC Best Town Hall 9 Defense Strategy For TH9 Trophy Pushing Town Hall Level 9 Clan Wars Anti Dragon, Everything! Owing to huge demand for effective and varying Th9 war base designs, Here is a compilation of Top 5 different and effective TH9 war base designs that you can choose from to use in your clash of clans clan wars. Each base design is hand picked after evaluating their defense against attacks before Best TH9 War Base Layouts for Anti 3-Star Defenses.Become the Go-To Attacker in your Clan Wars. Our 3 years of experience playing and mastering Clash of Clans will transform your game. Top TH6 War Bases - Videos. [The Fort] TH6 Defense base/clan wars base.That base awesome for every th6 that play clash of clans work awesome against all type of th6 attacks. Top 1000 Town hall 9 Clash of Clans Bases. Launch an attack in the simulator or modify with the base builder.All War Trophy Hybrid Farming. Latest Top 30 Days Top All Time Advanced. Subscribe for more videos: TH 2, TH 3 TH 4 TH5 TH6 TH 7 TH 8 TH 9 TH 10, Farming Hybrid Clan War/Trophy Base designs Follow us on: clash of clans This is a great TH9 bases which is max defense. CoC TH9 WAR Base Defense Town Hall 9 WAR Base Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 Anti 3 Star Anti GOWIPE - YouTube. Town Hall 11 (TH11). Castle Clash. Castle Clash Bases. Hope you guys like it and save some stars for the clan. First five minutes is the speed build of the base Defense replay starts after 5 minutes and there are3 star clan war attack at max town hall 10 with QW mass valks clash of clans. GoVaHo over powers this anti-2 star Th9 base clash of clans. TH 9 Defensive base reasonably spread out splash damages, xbows set to ground should be able to pick off most small troops but if you want the extra air protection set them to air and ground comment and let me know what you thinkClan War. Trap Defense. Dark Elixir Hoarding. Do you have a playlist for town hall 10 defense? Gregory Nelson. What war base is your favorite for your War base.Clash of Clans - TH9 Farming Base BOMB TOWER - Town Hall 9 Hybrid Base Anti 2 Star. Clash of Clans "Black Hole TROLL BASE" 600 Cups Won in 3 days COC Funny Clash Of Clans Town Hall 9 Th9 War Base Defense Image GalleryTh9 war trophy hybrid base defense town hall 9 base sTop 10 clash of clans town hall level 9 defense base design Best defense (trophy) bases for Clash of Clans - TH 9 / Town Hall Level 9. All Farming Defense.After this update, the main task of the players is at any cost to defend the Town Hall! Please choose Base layout for Defense! Defense Against TH11 And TH10 Proof Replay Here So Subscribe And More Bases And StrategyClash Of Clans TH9.5 (TOWN HALL 9.5) WAR TROPHY BASE 275 WALLS "WAR REPLAY". Hello friends, This war base is the most defensive war base for Th9. Th10 player is unable to 3 star this base.New clash of clans update december 2017New Best Th9 War Base | Defense against Town Hall 9 Defense [2016] Clash of Clans.Pekka vs sparky | clash royale battle 77. Clash of Clans - ValkyRie Th9 ATTACK Th10 - 3 Star Attack Th10 Clan WAR BASE! This strongest TH9 war base powerful enough to use when going on Clash of Clans War. Thinking of defense, generally nothing is perfect. A base war design does not necessarily guarantee effectiveness in the matter of survival Also, here are some defense videos of this TH9 War Base. By watching it, you can easily understand how this base works.Will Potter. You can 3 star all bases in Clash of Clans for sure! COC Warbase Layout Design for TH 11 with Grand warden and Eagle artillery. Hello clashers, i am back again with two most successful war base designs and this time it is town hall 11 layouts, i have also uploaded two layout earlier but here are some which you may like.

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