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The Maze Runner | 20th Century Fox. Did the idea for The Maze Runner series come out of any of your earlier books?What has been the most impressive thing about the performances of the young actors in the film series? We asked the actor last December on the Albuquerque set of The Scorch Trials. We talked about the pressures of a sequel, how The Maze Runner franchise compares to Divergent and The Hunger Games, the charactersBelow, read our Dylan OBrien Maze Runner Scorch Trials interview. The Maze Runner is a 2014 American dystopian science fiction action thriller film directed by Wes Ball, in his directorial debut, based on James Dashners 2009 novel of the same name. The film is the first installment in The Maze Runner film series and was produced by Ellen Goldsmith-Vein The Maze Runner Interview with Dylan OBrien, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Will Poulter.Hes come a long way as an actor, from awkward YouTuber to TV star to a budding action film hero, all through nuanced performances and layered, emotional characters. I love the actors actors, those people who can do a mixture of stuff, all of that versatility, which I dont feel I have, but I wish to aspire to and keep people guessing by choosing a role that is different from the one before and hope that all goes well.The Maze Runner Director Wes Ball Interview . But The Maze Runner was extremely well received by fans and critics alike. The film also pushed Teen Wolf actor Dylan OBrien towards movie stardom as Thomas, a young boy who finds himself trapped in the middle of aNote that there are some spoilers for the first Maze Runner movie in this interview! It was a long road back to normalcy for the 26-year-old actor, but with Maze Runner: The Death Cure properly finishing the trilogy, it seems that DylanCheck out a clip from our interview with Dylan OBrien below to hear what he had to say about the aftermath of his accident and his road to recovery. The Maze Runner also stars Kaya Scodelario, Aml Ameen, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Ki Hong Lee, and Patricia Clarkson. During a break in filming I was able to participate in a group interview with producer Wyck Godfrey. He talked about adapting the novel, putting together the cast, building Film Review: The Maze Runner. Reviewed at 20th Century Fox Studios, Los Angeles, Sept. 8, 2014. MPAA Rating: PG-13. Running time: 113 MIN.Fired Her for Airing Red-Carpet Interview Critical of Network.

Interview with director Wes Ball on The Maze Runner. 1. On the movie. 2. On the world. 3. On survival. 4.

On the experience. 5. On the actors. 6. On being true The Maze Runner: Id compare the movie to a season one episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation Photograph: The Maze Runner is not a good movie, but it wins points for omitting much of what makes typical teen films excruciating. Podcast interview with actor Ki Hong Lee from The Maze Runner.I couldnt be more thrilled to watch his career bloom and grow and EXPLODE! He is currently starring in The Maze Runner. Here we are goofing off after the podcast interview. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Email. Dylan OBrien (Teen Wolf), Will Poulter (Son of Rambo), and Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Game of Thrones) recently joined us for a roundtable interview following the imminent release of James Dashners adapted novel, The Maze Runner. Screenthing recently sat down with the cast of The Maze Runner. (Thanks to Charlie for the video!) Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr!FilmIsNow Movie Bloopers Extras 2 год. The Maze Runner Cast Interview with Will Poul In the epic finale to the Maze Runner saga, Thomas leads his group of escaped Gladers on their final and most dangerous mission yet. To save their friends, they must break into the legendary Last City, a WCKD-controlled labyrinth that may turn out to be the deadliest maze of all. Currently riding high at the box office, The Maze Runner follows the story of a group of teenagers who find themselves trapped in a vast glade, each with no recollectionThe first part of a trilogy of books by James Dashner, the film stars some of the brightest young actors this side of The Hunger Games. Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Newt) interview, QA on The Maze Runner, starring Dylan OBrien, Kaya Scodelario and Will Poulter, in theaters Friday, September 19.Celebrities. Actors. Excited to See The Maze Runner This Weekend? Get the Lowdown on the Story from Author James Dashner First."Theyre incredible people and incredible actors. We were lucky to get them when we did," he says. On Live! With Kelly and Michael the films star Dylan OBrien admitted that he and other actors stole artifacts from an ancient Indian burial ground whileCunningham, who has been a big fan of the Maze Runner film and book series, told Care2 that she was disappointed after watching OBriens interview. He then went on to mention that five actors fell ill within one week of leaving the site, jokingly alluding to the idea that a Native American curse had punished them for it. Cunningham, a big fan of the Maze Runner film and book series, told Care2 that she was disappointed after watching OBriens interview. Ki Hong Lee has recently revealed he had a stunt double for "The Maze Runner" but was actually not used for the filming of the movie.In the same interview, Lee also talked about how he started as an actor and being an Asian Hollywood actor. Recently, Cinelinx had the opportunity to meet the stars of the action-packed movie The Maze Runner!There are a couple of things to take from this interview, one of which was just how incredibly nice these actors are. Watch the interview in the kaya scodelario the maze runnerDescription Stefan Pape from HeyUGuys interviews actor Kaya Scodelario for her movie The Maze Runner opposite Will Poulter, Aml Ameen, Thomas Brodie Подтвердите что ознакомились с правилами. Рекомендуем поискать ещё видео по теме: The Maze Runner.2 г. назад. Funny The Maze Runner Interview Moments. Whats intriguing about The Maze Runnerfor a long time, at leastis the way it tells us a story we think weve heard countless times before but with a refreshingly different tone and degree of detail.If We Picked the Winners 2018: Best Actor Brian Tallerico. The Maze Runner hits theaters this weekend, and four of the films stars — Dylan OBrien, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Kaya Scodelario, and Will Poulter.Ugh, I really love Will. Hilarious, and an exceptional actor. And perhaps best of all, director Wes Ball knows that real suspense is always generated by great actors, not just flashy effects. Accordingly, the helmer trusts his cast of up-and-comers to shine, and luckily for The Maze Runner, all of them, particularly star Dylan OBrien, do just that. Brian from Wikia interviews stars of The Maze Runner, Kaya Scodelario and Will Poulter. HOLY SHIT THEY ANSWERED MY QUESTION (Ayla) AND KAYAS FACE WHEN THEY DID! To mark the release of the eagerly anticipated feature The Maze Runner, we had the pleasure of sitting down with two of its stars, British actors Aml Ameen and ThomasThe Maze Runner: The Death Cure Premiere Interviews: Dylan OBrien, Thomas Brodie Sangster, Kaya Scodelario more. Dylan OBrien, 23, costars with Kaya Scodelario, 22, in his big blockbuster breakout, The Maze Runner, so can viewers expect these two to heat up the maze? Click to WATCH Dylans exclusive interview all about Thomas and Teresas connection. Interview by Melissa Nathoo. Your 1 UK ESclips channel for red carpets, celebMaze Runner 3 actors, Then and Now.

Maze Runner 2018 Cast: Dylan OBrien - Thomas, Ki Hong Lee - Minho, Kaya Scodelario - Teresa, Thomas Brodie-Sangster - Newt, Dexter Darden - Frypan, Will Molly talks key themes and the power of using film in the curriculum with director Wes Ball and actors Aml Ameen and Thomas Brodie-Sangster. The Maze Runner, based on the best-selling young adult adventure novel series Game Of Thrones actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster helps Dev improve his acting skills by teaching him how to die convincingly on screen.Will Poulter, Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Sangster, Dylan OBrien and Wes Ball cast interview on The Maze Runner. I, like you, was flipping out over the raw footage of The Maze Runner. I seriously almost cried. I dont cry during trailers, as much as I love the books, but something about the way that the actors portrayed the characters, there was not a lot of dialogue in that footage, but what you saw was the emotion. Animation. Animated blogger Todd Brundle interviews the cast of "The Maze Runner" (Dylan OBrien, Kaya Scodelario, Will Poulter, and Thomas Brodie-Sangster) bridging the world of live-action and cartoons in this funny, exclusive clip. But the most comforting thing for me as an actor, having read the script, was when I talked to Wes and he showed me all the concept art, and his previz andIts great, in terms of Maze Runner fans, you cant ask for any better form of support theyve been behind us from day one on Twitter and so on. "With a possible potential trilogy like this, its sort of a blessing for us as actors to be in a film but also get to keep expanding our characters," says OBrien, running his fingers through his unruly hair during a group interview at Julys Comic-Con. When casting the Gladers, Maze Runner director Wes Ball Exclusive Interview - The Maze Runner Cast (2014) HD.Actor Blake Cooper Interviews on The Maze Runner Cocked at EcoLuxe Lounge 2014. Interview Magazine: The Crystal Ball of Pop.Apparently male actors werent feeling the love, because now adaptations of The Giver and The Maze Runner are also slated for big-screen releases within a month of each other, later this year. Recently I had the opportunity to interview, The Maze Runner actor Dexter Darden. Who is Dexter Darden? Dexter Darden grew up in Camden, NJ and has been a performer from the early age of 3. Dexter began his career singing in his local church choir, captivating the hearts of the attendees. Wes Ball directed the movie. The Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018) will feature all of your favorite young actors and actresses: Rosa Salazar, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Dylan OBrien, Kaya Scodelario, Walton Goggins and Katherine McNamara. Interview of its lead actors. ARIRANG K-POP.DYLAN OBRIEN FLIRTING WITH KI HONG THOMAS - Maze Runner Bloopers Funny Moments: The Death Cure - Продолжительность: 15:35 My Fav Celeb 273 476 просмотров. Imagine the Maze Runner cast react to some fanfictions. picture . Dylan OBrien being interviewed by Buzzfeed ft puppies!Actors who deserve the world x. The Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018) will feature all of your favorite young actors and actresses: Rosa Salazar, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Dylan OBrien, Kaya Scodelario, Walton Goggins and Katherine McNamara. Director Wes Ball brought his YA novel adaptation The Maze Runner to Hall H for a sneak preview that went over well with fans in attendance.The cast is full of up and coming young actors, some of whom gathered for interviews after their QA session. Now Scodelario is making a name for herself in Hollywood. Shes just back from LA, where she was giving interviews about new film The Maze Runner.Is it harder for a working-class kid to become an actor? From my personal experience, yes. Thankfully, The Maze Runner also avoids the eye-rolling romance that is usually standard in the young adult genre at least for this entry. Dylan OBrien leads the cast as Thomas and the actor is a serviceable champion to rally behind. KDramastars spoke to Ki Hong Lee during a phone interview where he talked about his role in the Netflix comedy, his role in the sci-fi franchise The Maze Runner and his love of the varietyNot just actors but directors, writers, video heads, and show-runners. There is slow and gradual change. After his star-making turn as Thomas in the global hit The Maze Runner, actor Dylan OBrien relished the chance to live out the next stage of the characters complex life.Maze Runner: The Death Cure Red carpet pics Dylan OBrien, Kaya Scodelario more. Movie Interviews. Aml Ameen is the incredible actor from the movie, The Maze Runner.The interview mentioned how Sense8 was not just a television show but how it influenced many of our thoughts and how we process the way we look at the world.

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