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Were excited about Prime Air — a delivery system from Amazon designed to safely get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using unmanned aerial vehicles, also called drones. Prime Air has great potential to enhance the services we already provide to millions of customers by providing rapid Amazon unveils futuristic plan: Delivery by drone.After their 60 Minutes interview, Bezos walked Rose into a mystery room at the Amazon offices and revealed a secret RD project: "Octocopter" drones that will fly packages directly to your doorstep in 30 minutes. 60 Minutes has been more than happy to tease the unveiling with a clip of Bezos leading Rose into a room to show him something that elicited an Oh my God! from the veteran TV journo.Amazon Prime Air drones that could feasibly be used as autonomous delivery vehicles. Amazons new Prime Air service hopes to deliver packages via unmanned Octocopter drones, CEO Jeff Bezos said on CBS 60 Minutes Sunday.The drones fly themselves using GPS coordinates. The half-hour delivery service would likely be offered to customers living near large metropolitan Drones! 60 Minutes.One 60 Minutes producer said Bezos offered her half his net-worth to gamble in Vegas if she could figure it out — unfortunately, she guessed an Amazon news outlet. No, seriously. The retail giant is taking delivery to the next level by using unmanned drones.In a Sunday evening "60 Minutes" program aired on CBS (ZDNets parent company) Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos unveiled the new service, dubbed Prime Air, to CBS anchor Charlie Rose. Yet last night he went on national TV and showed off a bunch of dazzling delivery drones that he says wont realistically arrive in the real world for another four or five yearsAmazon somehow got CBS and 60 Minutes to create a 14-minute free ad spot for Amazon on the eve of this huge shopping day. If Amazon gets its way, the skies could one day be filled with an army of buzzing drones delivering books, tablets, and a host of other items to customers around the U.S. During an interview in December 2013 with 60 Minutes Charlie Rose Amazon announced that it is currently developing a new delivery system - called Amazon Prime Air -- that would see packages delivered to customers doorsteps by unmanned aircrafts. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told "60 Minutes" on Sunday the while the drones - called "octocopters" Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is known for making big bets in the world of innovation, and on Sunday night on 60 Minutes he revealed what might be one of his biggest: product delivery by flying robot drones. "60 Minutes" gave more than 15 minutes to its Amazon story.After the "60 Minutes" show last night, a Hacker News reader compiled a list of previously announced delivery drone programs, many of which were also PR stunts Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in an interview on 60 Minutes that the drones would be ready to take flight in four to five years. But an Amazon spokesperson pointed to an updated post on the companys website promising aerial deliveries as soon as federal rules change. Amazons ambitious Prime Air program aims to use delivery drones to deliver your Amazon order within 30 minutes or less. Recent trials and on-going development have Amazon poised to bring this science fiction delivery concept into reality.

An Amazon photo showing a test of package delivery by drone. (by Alistair Barr, USA Today) is testing delivering packages using drones, CEO Jeff Bezos said on the CBS TV news show 60 Minutes Sunday. In an eyebrow-raising maneuver that put the future on display while audiences were waiting for The Amazing Race and The Good Wife, the online-retailing giant seized the chance offered by a Charlie Rose-led segment on 60 Minutes to unveil an effort it is making to use automated drones to deliver Amazon founder Jeff Bezos took to 60 Minutes last night to announce that his company is in the early stages of a delivery-by-drone system. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently revealed Amazon Prime Air on 60 Minutes.BOOOOOM!!! "BBC news flash as package delivery drones were used to deliver bombs across the UK killing or seriously injuring many people and damaging property." The future of delivery is here, according to Amazon CEO Jeffrey P. Bezos, and its using drones to send retail packages to consumer homes in as little as 30 minutes. In an interview on Sunday with CBSs 60 Minutes Check out this video from 60 Minutes, where Charlie Rose gets unprecedented access to Amazon, including a couple impressive technological advances the company is working on right now.

Amazon now does same-day delivery for groceries in two cities and is looking into using Drones to deliver in On 60 Minutes Sunday night, Bezos unveiled his intention to create Amazon Prime Air—a network of flying delivery drones that could be dropping off packages at customers doors as soon as 2017. Over the last month, 60 Minutes was granted unprecedented access inside Amazons operations.Jeff Bezos: These are effectively drones but theres no reason that they cant be used as delivery vehicles. The CEO of Amazon made 60 minutes segment as an opportunity to show his companies latest work that was a Drone delivery service. In an interview on CBS 60 Minutes, CEO Jeff Bezos said the giant online retailer plans to use semi-autonomous drones to carry purchases to customers.Amazon isnt alone in pursuing drone delivery. Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, recently unveiled Amazons latest experiment - electric drones that would deliver packages to customers within 30 minutes of placing an order. Sounds futuristic, huh? In a 60 Minutes interview According to CBS News, the 60 Minutes team had no idea that Bezos was going to reveal the delivery-by-drone project during their visit to Amazons offices. The company claims that they will start regular drone deliveries, under the title of Amazon Prime Air, and will be able to carry up to five pounds by late 2017.Watch This US Army Tank M60 AVLB Make A Bridge In Less Than 2 Minutes. Its that drone delivery doesnt make economic sense for Amazon, and it will never make sense unless the company completely overhauls its operation. The first clue to the dubiousness of Amazons drones comes from the 60 Minutes piece itself Bezos told 60 Minutes that the robots anticipated by Amazon could be able to deliver packages of up to 5 pounds in weight in less than half an hour.60 Minutes, , Technology News. ,Video, Amazon Delivery, Jeff Bezos, Amazon, Amazon Delivery Drone, Amazon Delivery Drones, Amazon Bezos told "60 Minutes" correspondent Charlie Rose this weight comprises almost 86 percent of Amazons deliveries and that using the electronic drones could cut down on carbon emissions. In an interview with Charlie Rose on Sundays episode of "60 Minutes," Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos revealed the giant online store is developing a drone-based delivery service called Prime Air. 60 Minutes aired an episode last Sunday that showed aerial drones from Amazon delivering goods right to the front porch of a customer.

Same day delivery by drones is ridiculous. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has announced his company plans to use octocopter mini- drones to deliver goods for US customers in just 30 minutes.Its not," Bezos told CBS televisions 60 Minutes program. Amazon is experimenting with drones that will deliver packages within 30 minutes. CEO Jeff Bezos made the announcement in a "60 Minutes" interview Sunday night with Charlie Rose.Amazon calls the drone delivery service Prime Air. No humans are involved. Search. 60 Minutes. Show Home.Amazon unveils futuristic plan: Delivery by drone S46 (4:40). Amazons secret RD project aimed at delivering packages to your doorstep by "octocopter" mini-drones with a mere 30- minute delivery time. Yes, drones. Jeff Bezos showed the technology off to CBS correspondent Charlie Rose during an episode of 60 Minutes that aired tonight.The goal of this new delivery system, according to Amazon, is to get packages into customers hands in 30 minutes or less using unmanned aerial The project was first reported Sunday by CBS "60 Minutes" TV newsmagazine. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in a primetime interview that while the octocopters look like something out of science fiction, theres no reason they cant be used as delivery vehicles. Bezos said the drones can carry packages I use Amazons Prime delivery service for everything from rechargable batteries to art books to beef jerky, and so I was quite taken aback when CEO Jeff Bezos showcased a drone delivery system called Prime Air on 60 Minutes this past weekend. With its new found concept, Amazon promises delivery of consumer goods within a period of 60 minutes. As the commercial use of UAV drones is restricted by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration, controlling board for civil aviation in the United States of America) Amazon announced the development of 30 minute delivery service.Even when the drone was unveiled, Rose, Mihailovich, and Sommer were bewildered. Rose told 60 Minutes Overtime that Mihailovich thought they resembled giant flying tarantulas Amazon Testing Drone Delivery System - Продолжительность: 1:20 Gabbee 1 639 422 просмотра.Amazon patents self-driving airships to launch delivery drones - Продолжительность: 1:01 News Direct 9 549 просмотров. Bezos tells 60 Minutes Amazon testing drones for delivery . Originally published December 1, 2013 at Bezos unveiled the plan on CBSs 60 Minutes Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos took to 60 Minutes to reveal the companys latest delivery method: drones. In what is likely a cunning reminder of the e-tailers upcoming Cyber Monday sales, these bots will apparently be capable of delivering packages up to five pounds Most of the Twitter response to Amazon(s amzn) CEO Jeff Bezos star turn on 60 Minutes focused on Amazons plans to offer drone delivery of small packages in the not-too-far-off-but-unspecified future. Last night on 60 minutes, Jeff Bezos of Amazon shared with us a technology that he says wont be ready for about 4 years the delivery drone. The concept is that you order something and have it delivered within 30 minutes. New delivery system is to get packages into customers hands in 30 minutes or is testing delivering packages using drones, CEO Jeff Bezos said on the CBS TV news show 60 Minutes Sunday. The online retailers CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos, introduced the in-development delivery mechanism, Prime Air, on 60 Minutes. Immediately after the segment, Amazon put up a video showing a delivery via the drone, and a portion of its website describing Prime Air. In an interview on 60 Minutes, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos explained that the futuristic delivery service could start working within four to five years—so long as they get approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, which regulates American airways. The drones will be able to deliver packages five Amazon. The advantages of drone delivery are clear. Shorter routes, fewer-to-no humans required, and faster delivery times. How fast exactly? Amazon thinks it can swing pizza times, that is to say 30 minutes or less. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos kept teasing 60 Minutes correspondent Charlie Rose with a surprise, and on Sunday nights segment that surprise was unveiled: Amazon drone delivery, called Amazon Prime Air, in which self-guiding drones fly packages from an Amazon fulfillment center to your Sunday night on 60 Minutes, Mr. Bezos, the Amazon founder, floated the notion of using drones to deliver packages.Matthew Yglesias, meanwhile, sees drone delivery as a potential threat to Amazon itself: On a business level, I think the interesting thing here is not so much the opportunity for

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